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CIS Security provides On-Site Services to a large number of customers across a wide variety of industries, including commercial, industrial, multi-family, retail, and schools. All aspects of our business make us unique and contribute to our promise of superior service and reliable people.


Our Security Officers take your security seriously. Becoming a CIS Security Officer requires each candidate to undergo extensive proficiency tests and training. All CIS Security Officers must complete:

CIS Security at Schools

  • On-Site Training for each client conducted by CIS Site Supervisors
  • CIS In-house training
  • State mandated 40 hour training
  • Pre-employment proficiency test
  • Pre-employment drug test

All officers also receive continuous on-site training by our Operations Supervisors for the duration of their tenure at each site and have the complete support of our 24-hour Central Station Dispatch Center. Our Operations Supervisors and Patrol Officers conduct visits to all job sites on a daily basis to make sure each customer is receiving the best service possible. Some of the unique aspects of our service include:

Guard Tour Accountability Program

Our Guard Tour System is your built-in accountability report. Our entire force utilizes hand-held devices that are specific to each site. Using these devices, our guards check-in at designated areas at your site. Fully detailed reports are available to you, giving peace of mind that you are getting the service you are paying for.

24-Hour Central Station Dispatch Center

Located in Fresno, CA, our 24-Hour Central Station Dispatch Center is staffed entirely with our own employees. Every call is recorded for quality assurance and all activity is logged for our archives, demonstrating our commitment to accountability. We have a proprietary database allowing our dispatchers to enter all activity reported by our Security Officers.

Account Management

CIS guarantees that your account is managed in a friendly and professional manner. Our Account Managers ensure that any incidents, problems, or complaints are dealt with immediately. In addition, recommendations for potential services may be provided based on analyzing your customers’ needs. When requested, you can receive a detailed written report of significant incidences. Minor occurrences can be mitigated on your behalf, saving you from the 3:00 AM phone call.

Operations Supervision

Our team of Patrol Officers provide the oversight of the quality assurance efforts of our Field Operations. These officers work in tandem with our On-Site Supervisors to establish a constant Supervisory presence at every location during each shift.