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Checkpoint Guard Tour System

Introducing Checkpoint, a guard reporting system that sends you real-time activity reports for a true understanding of your property.

Reporting – Trends & Analysis

With Checkpoint, CIS Security can provide you with real-time trends and analysis of your property such as vandalism, theft, risk and loss. Plus, the Checkpoint software compiles this data so you can see trends and patterns that will allow you to make decisions and improvements with confidence.


Checkpoint allows you to see the patrol guard’s activities, tour logs and incidents in real-time. Using this data you can update protocols, revise patrol routes, and take pro-active steps to improve security and safety.

Our Solution

Since 1986, and with more than 200 patrol sites, CIS Security is the Valley’s leading guard company. Checkpoint is our newest product that incorporates the latest mobile and reporting technologies to provide our clients with the critical real-time information required to make informed decisions. With our experience, and Checkpoint’s real-time reports and trends, you can assess performance, identify risks and trends, and make informed decisions to improve the safety of your property.

Download Checkpoint Accountability (PDF)
Download Checkpoint Reporting (PDF)