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Your tenants and customers are in the business of doing business. CIS Security allows exactly that. Whether it’s an employee escort to their car or the security of the entire building, CIS Security is here to ensure that it’s business as usual for your tenants.

Guard Checking Perimeter of Fresno City Hall.

  • Maintenance issues reported immediately, guaranteeing a professional and safe work environment.
  • Tenants and customers are free from the distractions of car theft, panhandlers, or poorly maintained facilities.
  • Camera and access control systems designed and installed.
  • Emailing notification of any incidences or maintenance issues, allowing you the opportunity to remedy situations quickly.

Business owners are faced with the reality that theft and other crimes occur on their premises. While some might be at a higher risk than others, our CIS Security guards are deterrents specializing in preventing crime, maintaining security, and assisting customers and employees.