CIS Security specializes in the variables associated with multi-family complexes.

CIS Security guard checking apartment complex.

  • Locking and unlocking of pool gates, laundry rooms, and gyms.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of common areas.
  • Patrolling with knowledge of your diverse tenant population.
  • Representing your property as an attractive and secure option for prospective tenants.
  • Designing and installing camera systems (CCTV), intrusion systems, and fire alarms.
  • Walking the property to show a physical presence.
  • Deterring criminal activity.
  • Assisting in gathering data to evict tenants not following the properties’ rules.
  • Emailing notification of any incidences or maintenance issues, allowing you the opportunity to remedy situations quickly.

The most effective way to deter a thief or undesirable visitor is to guard the entrance to your building and the surrounding grounds. Our security professionals are dedicated to providing a safe and secure living environment for your residents.