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We take your commitment to the safety of site visitors as seriously as you do. With vacancy and car theft, homelessness, loitering and graffiti a high concern, CIS Security is your choice for retail security.

CIS Security guard checking parking lot of shopping center.

  • For over 30 years, we’ve been working at retail centers.
  • Able to address the many variables that present themselves.
  • Assisting in providing a safe shopping experience for customers and the tenants.
  • Being visible with signage and foot patrols at your site.
  • Addressing and deterring criminal activity.
  • Designing and installation of camera systems, intrusion systems and fire alarms through Valley Security and Alarm.
  • Emailing notification of any incidents or maintenance issues, allowing you the opportunity to remedy situations quickly.
  • Ensure that customers use the facilities safely.

Our security guards are a deterrent in preventing crime.