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San Joaquin Valley College
“CIS is doing a good job of covering our campus at night. They are quick to provide photos of not only trespassers, but of maintenance issues they notice. This is appreciated. Thank you for the great service and for your follow up.”

Patti Bavery
Purchasing / Facilities Technician
San Joaquin Valley College

Silverlake Apartments
“CIS has been a great partner for us and the 4 properties they service for us. The response to activities on our properties has been great. Martin (Account Manager) has been great by visiting our properties proactively and communicating with his guards very well. The guards and Martin have had no disconnect. I am very happy with the professionalism of the guards and the communication has been thorough and prompt.”

Noemi Gonzalez-Pulley
Pioneer Properties

“Sgt. Jaime Manzo and his team of security guards are doing a fabulous job at Lake Van Ness (Fresno). This is a very difficult site to manage and I really appreciate all of the compliments we have received from our residents.”

Andre Nicolet
Residential Division Manager at Robert L. Jensen & Associates

“…the Safety Committee has noted very impactful interactions (with CIS Security staff) that deescalated situations and created a safer environment for tenants. The interaction with tenants and re-direction of those not authorized to be on site is consistent, firm and always in the best interest of rules for the property and providing a safe environment for tenant.”

Tenant Safety Committee Members
Renaissance at Santa Clara managed by Fresno Housing Authority

“A few days ago I was visiting the Central Fish Co. in Fresno when my car’s battery died in the store’s parking lot. With no jumper cables handy I turned to Julian, was on duty for CIS at the time…From the first moment I approached him, to the point that the car was running again, Julian was professional, extremely proactive and dedicated to being of assistance. He went well above and beyond what I imagine is required of his position and my family is very thankful that someone like Julian cared enough to help.”

B. Miller
Fresno, CA

Fresno County Office of Education
“While on patrol, Officer Wesson encountered a runaway youth. He was able to contact her mother and the two were reunited. Kudos to Officer Wesson for his keen sense of observation and demeanor with the public! He has made a difference in this young girl’s life and should be proud!”

Jeff Becker
Fresno County Office of Education

“When the need for guard services arises, even on short notice, it’s comforting to know that we can rely on the support of CIS Security. In today’s business world, it’s critical to establish business partnerships built on trust. We trust the services of CIS Security to be there anytime and anywhere we might need them.”

D. Ashjian
SVP Risk Management
Educational Employees Credit Union

“CIS Security has been extremely helpful to us in managing our properties to our standards. Communication and response time is key, and we depend on them to provide us with this in all instances. They are always there for us no matter how difficult the situation.”

Debbie Gong, CPM
Senior Property Manager
Manco Abbott, Inc.

“I take it for granted that the job will get done with all security companies that we use. I stick with CIS because of the fantastic customer service we receive from Roy Hernandez.”

A. Goldfarb
Vice President, Multi-Family
Manco Abbott, Inc.

“Our company recently used CIS Security for a private event held at our office. The security detail was cordial and polite and well received by our guests. Great job!”

G. Miskulin, Esq.
Firm Administrator
Dowling Aaron Incorporated

“I have found CIS Security to be an excellent vendor to work with. They provide quality service for a number of Homeowner Associations that we manage. They have been especially helpful by using a database system to track parking violations. We appreciate the notes the officers make in their reports to make us aware of what is going on when doing their patrols. Courteous Customer Service!”

Beverly Stairs
I&I Property Management, Inc.

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