CIS Security’s number one goal is the safety of the faculty and students at the schools and universities we serve. Together with our sister company, Valley Security & Alarm, CIS Security can design a customized security program for your facilities, providing a safe environment for optimal learning.

Guard Walking Through School Halls

The unique setting of each school presents many challenges; our security consultants will become familiar with your school dynamics in order to make a meaningful, practical school safety recommendation. Our trained security professionals take pride in their ability to pinpoint these challenges and provide a custom security assessment.

Our security programs offer:

  1. Easily identifiable officers with our branded uniforms, photo IDs and marked vehicles.
  2. Regular monitoring of the exterior of the campus.
  3. Email notifications of any incidences or maintenance issues, allowing quick resolution.
  4. Immediate reporting of more serious incidences.
  5. Services provided through Valley Security & Alarm include:
    1. Integration with CIS Security for response to real events
    2. Design/Installation/24 Hour Monitoring/Maintenance of:
      1. Access Control Systems
      2. Fire Alarm Systems
      3. Close Circuit Television (CCTV)
      4. Intrusion Systems
    3. Controlled remotely via smart device and Internet
    4. Customizable, real-time reporting
    5. Real-time Video Verification services
    6. Wireless Transmission of Alarm Signals